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The Hydrophane range - instantly recognisable from its blue coloured labels - consists of a selection of products for coat care and tack maintenance as well as the general caring of the horse both in the stable and out in the field. Best-selling products include Hydrophane Bloom Shampoo, Hydrophane Leather Dressing and Hydrophane Cribox.

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Bloom Shampoo Hydrophane

Bloom Shampoo

A rich cleansing frequent use shampoo that leaves the coat fresh and c...
Event Leg Grease Hydrophane

Event Leg Grease

Easily removed after competing.
Hydrophane Cribox Hydrophane

Hydrophane Cribox

Deters horses from crib-biting and gnawing wooden rails.
Leather Dressing Hydrophane

Leather Dressing

Conditions, waterproofs and renovates.
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