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January 2014 – new concentrated formulation
Equine Premium Acid Ease is a unique, concentrated, palatable combination of antacids, fibre, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin probiotics and prebiotiocs. Suitable to calm excess acid in all horses and weaned foals.

Always looking to improve our products, and based on customer feedback, we have re-formulated Acid Ease into a palatable powder presentation, creating a more concentrated formulation.

New Acid Ease contains the antacids calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, as well as kaolin, pectin and L-threonine which together act to buffer excess acid and help protect and soothe the gut lining.  The proportion of the high quality fibres – pectin and psyllium have also been increased to create this superior product.

Use Acid Ease to support horses that:

  • Display crib-biting or wind-sucking – symptoms of possible gastritis
  • Develop poor coat/condition – particularly if the onset is sudden and unusual
  • Become irritable when girthing up, or show a lack of enthusiasm when asked to work
  • Have a tendency to be cold backed
  • Have loose stools

Acid Ease contains naturally soothing ingredients:

  • Calcium and magnesium carbonates – antacids just like those available for humans
  • Kaolin – a coating agent to aid the body’s natural responses to inflammation
  • Protexin probiotic and Preplex prebiotic to support the microflora balance, aiding efficient digestion and immunity
  • Presented as a 1.5 kg or 3 kg tub of powder that is added to feed, the product has been trialled and tested at Lambourn and The Royal Veterinary College, and has been shown to support the body’s natural responses to gastric ulcers

Feed 50 g twice a day for the first month and then reduce by half as a maintenance.

Digestibility enhancers, Protexin probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYS Sc47) 4b1702 5 x 10CFU/g; 5 x 1010CFU/kg

Technological Additives
Kaolin, Preplex® prebiotic – Acacia (gum arabic) (2%)

Nutritional Additives
Amino acid: L-threonine (5%)

Alfalfa meal, calcium carbonate (18%), magnesium carbonate (9%), psyllium husk, lignocellulose, pectin (5%), dicalcium phosphate, Preplex® prebioitc – (fructo-oligosaccharide) (2%), soya oil.

Analytical constituents
Crude protexin 18%, crude fibre 11%, crude oil and fat 2%, crude ash 35%, sodium 0.1%

Acid Ease for horses is a palatable soft fibre pellet containing fibre, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and kaolin powder. It is used as an aid to normal gastric function in the horse and to promote a healthy gut microflora. Available in a 1.5kg & 3kg tub Feed 50g twice a day for the first month and then reduce by half as a maintenance dose.

Promoting health from the inside out

The health of a horse’s digestive system is one of the major factors in regulating overall performance and condition:

  • By affecting the ability to convert nutrition into energy
  • By affecting the strength of the immune system
  • By affecting the anxiety status

To keep healthy, the digestive system needs billions of beneficial microorganisms (the microflora) living in the caecum – helping to digest the fibrous diet, and to create an exclusion barrier to harmful bacteria.

However, when the horse is subjected to stressful situations – competition, travel, fatigue, illness – its natural ‘empty and run’ flight response means that the balance of the microflora can become disrupted. This can therefore affect its immune response and ability to recover its health and performance.

Protexin Equine Premium is a range of specific supplements, each with a high quality probiotic to support the balance of the microflora and therefore to promote effective health, recovery and performance.

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