Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray

Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray


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From our equine range of products, Barrier Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is suitable for use on all animals and is an ideal addition to your first-aid box. It is suitable to use directly onto minor cuts, grazes, scabs and red areas. Quickly absorbed into the skin, it works to ensure ideal conditions for natural healing. Use only as a temporary measure with cuts.

Barrier Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is an ideal product to use directly onto cuts, grazes, scabs and inflamed areas. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and works to ensure the ideal conditions for natural healing.

It is designed to penetrate rapidly, encouraging scabs to form quickly. This helps to reduce scarring and prevent white hair growth from scar tissue. Scabs come away naturally after 48 hours.

This powerful yet kind formula contains a very high percentage of tea tree combined with concentrated herbal oils. This unique combination ensures quality and efficiency.

Barrier Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is also anti-fungal and can be applied directly to areas to protect against fungal problems.

Insect and parasite bites can cause immense irritation to the animal. Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray stops the need to rub almost immediately. Sweet itch is every horse owner’s nightmare – and for the poor horse and pony the irritation is almost unbearable. Anti-bacterial skin spray can calm irritation caused by summer allergies, help to protect and aid natural healing.

In wetter conditions when horses tend to stand around in damp, muddy conditions for longer periods of time, the skin around the back of the heels can become weakened, split and inflamed. These are perfect conditions for bacterial and fungal infections to thrive. Use our Barrier Heel to Hoof Soothing Cream to protect areas from mud and wetness.

Barrier Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is a very kind and gentle formula and is pH balanced especially for equine use. Humans and animals rarely suffer allergies to natural products but if your horse is very sensitive, we recommend that you carry our a small patch first.

As with all our animal healthcare products, Barrier Anti-bacterial Skin Spray is made using only natural, non-toxic, non-irritant ingredients which are kind to the user, the animal and the environment.

Suitable for use in organic systems.

All of our products are free from prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules.

Keep in a cool dry place. Do not leave in direct sun light.

This is a must for the first aid box. It is quickly absorbed into the wound to ensure ideal conditions for natural healing without sealing the skin. Free from prohibited substances under current FEI and HRA rules.

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