Antibacterial Dog Shampoo

Antibacterial Dog Shampoo


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Aqueos Antibacterial Dog Shampoo is a mild alcohol free shampoo which is suitable for most skin types.

Ensure that the coat is thoroughly wetted before application. Pour a liberal quantity of soap into your hand and massage well into the dog’s coat to produce a rich lather. Take care when shampooing the face area and try to avoid getting shampoo into the dog’s eyes, nose or mouth. Rinse with fresh water and repeat if necessary.
Aqueos dog shampoo can be used as often as necessary. It has an anti-microbial action and can safely be used on superficial grazes and wounds.

Quaternary ammonium compounds. 

Kills Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses. Powerful, fast acting & safe. Effective deodoriser including fox & badger smells Combats itchiness, soothes minor skin irritations, gentle on skin, leaving coat soft. Safe to use on minor skin wounds. Alcohol & phenol free

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