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Aqueos Antibacterial Horse Shampoo contains a water based disinfectant which KILLS 99.999% of most bacteria, fungi and viruses including strangles and ringworm.

The shampoo is fast acting and kills known micro-organisms within 30 seconds of contact. The shampoo is powerful but gentle to the horse’s skin. The shampoo will help disinfect minor skin wounds and will have a soothing effect on minor skin irritations. Leaving the coat, mane and tail feeling soft, the shampoo is alcohol free and environmentally friendly. Reduces risk of cross contamination as part of general stable hygiene regime.

Kills Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses Powerful, fast acting & safe Effective Deodoriser Combats Itchiness Soothes minor skin irritations Safe to use on minor skin wounds Gentle on skin, leaving coat, mane & tail soft Alcohol & phenol free

What is Aqueos?
Aqueos is a water-based disinfectant that outperforms traditional alcohol or bleach based products. It is dispensed via a range of novel application methods, including wipes, sprays and hand sanitisers, which disinfect people or animals safely and effectively. Products include shampoo, sanitisers, soap, tack cleaners and multi-use disinfectants.

How does Aqueos improve Equine Disinfection?
Aqueos is effective against strangles, ringworm and 99.999% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses. Regular use of the Aqueos range will ensure hygiene, thereby minimising the risk of all equine illnesses spreading between animals.

How has Aqueos been tested?
Aqueos has been independently tested and meets the requirements of British Standards EN 1276 and EN 1650.

How effective is Aqueos?
Aqueos kills more than 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms in less than 30 seconds.

Why is 99.999% important?
If a contaminated surface contained 1,000,000 micro-organisms, then there would be 10,000 remaining after applying a disinfectant killing to 99% (log 2) and a solution effective to 99.9% (log 3) would leave 1,000 viable organisms, a level usually capable of rapid recovery. By achieving a log 5 reduction (99.999%) Aqueos significantly reduces the potential for the organism to re-populate the treated area.

Why is 30 seconds important?
Because Aqueos is fast acting, harmful micro-organisms are killed almost as soon as the product is applied and do not have time to recover. Sanitisers requiring longer contact times have often evaporated or been wiped away before they have had time to be effective.

What is a Bio-cide?
A Biocide is any chemical formulation designed to kill unwanted organisms including bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. Biocides vary in how safe they are to handle and use, some being extremely toxic, others being relatively benign. In Europe, the control of biocides falls under the European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) 98/8/EC.

Is Aqueos harmful to the skin?
Aqueos has the same chemical hazard rating as water. Even with frequent use negative reactions are very unlikely and have never been reported.

Does Aqueos damage surfaces?
Aqueos can safely be used on any surface or material which would not be damaged by water spray. Even fabrics, leather, plastics and wood can be treated with Aqueos. Traditional disinfectants which are bleach, alcohol, acid or solvent based solutions, cause long term surface damage by creating tiny cracks (micro-cracking). These cracks accelerate the deterioration of the surface and make it increasingly difficult to clean and disinfect properly.

Is Aqueos environmentally friendly?
Yes. The technology behind Aqueos allows extremely low levels of active ingredients to be used without reducing their effectiveness. As a result there are no special disposal requirements for the disinfection itself and all containers can be recycled.

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