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ASU or avocado and soyabean unsaponifiable is the latest development in joint care and is an invaluable addition to Cortaflex® Powder or Cortaflex® HA Powder. ASU works within the joint to promote a clean environment, maximising the effects of Cortaflex®.

Equine America ASU 6000 is a must for young horses in work, horses recovering from injury and those who are involved in concussive activity – jumping and galloping.

Feed 30 g for the first seven days. Thereafter feed 15 g daily.

Available in:

  • 908 g tub (60 day supply at maintenance)

Dehydrated alfalfa meal, avocado soybean unsaponifiables and vegetable oil. Preserved with ammonium propionate. 

A must for young horses in work, recovering from injury and those who jump and gallop.

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