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Equimist 360° can spray a full 360° meaning product can continue to be applied whilst the dispenser is upside down. The fine misting and wider spray pattern of Equimist 360° ensures a more even distribution, total coverage and a perfect finish every time. The specially designed trigger head provides minimal sound when spraying and the technology provides unbeatable bottle evacuation.
Canter Coat Shine Conditioner provides an instant and long lasting sheen to condition your horse’s coat. Canter Coat Shine Conditioner also helps to repel stable stains, grass stains, mud and dust to help ease the grooming routine and is also great for applying to quarter markers. Spray directly onto the coat or a cloth and brush over for an even finish. Also try adding to a bucket of warm water for hot clothing during the winter months.

  • Conditions the coat and helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling of the coat, making grooming easier
  • Provides an oil-free shine; does not make the coat greasy

  • Silicone shine agent
  • Citronella scent

Provides an instant and long lasting sheen to condition your horse’s coat.

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