CDM KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing

CDM KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing


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The leather should be thoroughly cleaned first but not conditioned.
When completely dry, a protective barrier of KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing should be applied, on both sides of the leather. This will protect from moisture, heat and mould. Buckles should also be coated to help prevent rust.
Once KO-CHO-LINE® Leather Dressing has been applied, items should be wrapped in cotton fabric, such as an old pillowcase, and stored in the tack room or other suitable area.
Items in storage should be periodically checked to ensure they are still in good condition.
When the item is required for use again, thoroughly remove the protective grease with a cloth, then clean and condition as normal.

  • A heavy duty grease that renovates, softens and revives saddlery leather and helps protect against mould and mildew
  • Will not rot stitching and can also be used on metal to help prevent rusting during storage

Red grease. 

A thick grease to protect and revive saddlery leather.

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