Chelated Copper Syrup

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Chelated Copper Syrup was formulated to provide horses with an easily absorbed form of copper. Copper is essential for the formation and maintenance of all connective tissues and skeletal mineralisation.

TRM’s Chelated Copper is an amino acid chelated copper.

Instructions for proper use:

Adult Horses: Feed 25ml per day.
Foals and Yearlings: Feed 15ml per day.

What is the difference between Chelated Copper and inorganic copper?

Inorganic copper is copper that has been taken from the earth by mining. Examples of inorganic copper products are copper sulphates and copper carbonates. They may be inexpensive but they are no good! TRM”s Chelated Copper is an organic copper. This is the only way to orally supplement copper in horses and other animals. Chelated copper is an organic compound with metallic content, where the metal ion (Cu++) in the compound is surrounded by and bonded to organic matter. This organic matter is amino acids. Copper must be in a neutral & stable form to be absorbed.
Inhibitory Factors to Copper Uptake

pH of soil – too acidic or too alkaline
Excess Zinc
Excess Phosphate ( Fertiliser pollutant)
Excess Vitamin C
Leaching in the Soil
Moisture content in the soil
Maturity and/or species of plants grown

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