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Keratex Cooling Gel is the perfect way to cool your horse’s legs and tendons, particularly after hard work or while travelling. Keratex Cooling Gel is also great for horses on box rest whose legs may fill during long periods of standing. Our formulation is based on science and is proven to cool the area and soothe muscles and tendons.

Warm legs are more flexible on the inside and this can lead to pulled tendons and damaged ligaments so this cooling gel is a great way of keeping your horse’s legs cool during or after exercise, stabling or travel. 

Unlike other cooling gels in the market, Keratex Cooling Gel actually cools by evaporation, making it extra effective and completely unique in the way that it works.

Keratex Cooling Gel does not contain menthol or camphor. Menthol and camphor simply temporarily numb the hot nerve receptors, which in turn enhances the cold nerve receptors, so the horse, and the person applying it, are given the illusion of a cooling effect. Keratex Cooling Gel will actually cool the internal structures of the legs with a marked difference in temperature, making it a safe and highly effective product.

The perfect way to cool your horse's legs and tendons.

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