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A highly available source of copper fortified with selenium and vitamin E for growth and  performance.

Throughout the UK and Ireland, deficiencies in the soil of both copper and selenium are common. As forage and grazing make up a large portion of the horse’s diet, grass grown on deficient soils will not provide the horse with a balanced diet. A Deficiency of these trace elements may contribute to muscle cramping, loss of pigmentation and poor bone development in youngstock. Low blood selenium and copper levels have also been associated with poor performance of the racehorse, which may be overcome by feeding a supplement such as Copperite.

Brinicombe Equine Copperite is a palatable powdered supplement designed to be fed to horses at risk of a selenium or copper deficiency or for any horse who may benefit from increased levels in their diet. Utilisizing chelated sources of copper and selenium ensures high bioavailablity and maximum absorption by the gut for fast results. Vitamin E is also included for its important anti-oxidant properties and to enhance the body’s ability to utilize selenium.

A highly available source of copper fortified with selenium and vitamin E for growth and performance.

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