Dragon's Blood Film Plaster

Dragon’s Blood Film Plaster


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The gel form and the sponge contained in the package make it possible to apply Effol® Anti-Fly-Gel to specific areas of the horse, intensively but – particularly for the benefit of sensitive horses – without making any frightening noise. 

Protects even a sweaty horse against flies for hours and contains a combination of active ingredients which is also kind to the skin and coat. It is thus possible to provide good protection even to parts of the body which are particularly sensitive or hard to access. Effol® Anti-Fly-Gel is also dermatologically tested.

The innovative formula provides an external breathable hygienic film which protects the wound against environmental germs such as dirt, urine and sweat. The regeneration of the skin and the formation of new cells can proceed without interruption. Lactic acid, allantoin and biguanide support moist wound hygienic and keep the skin supple and elastic. The formula is based on natural latex from the dragon tree and avoids the painful application of alcohol to disinfect the wound.

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