Embrocation Spray

Embrocation Spray


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A unique blend of high-grade herbal derivatives to help soothe and ease stiff, painful joints and muscular problems.

A very handy product to keep in your first-aid box. Ideal for use after strenuous exercise or competition to help soothe and ease inflammed areas, stiff joints, minor muscular strains.

No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene current FEI and HRA rules.

The subject of Inflammation is quite complex but in very broad terms inflammation is natures active response to kick starting the healing process of injury and infection. The physical signs of inflammation depend on several factors such as the severity and nature of the infection and injury, but can usually be characterised by four signs generally described as swelling, heat, redness and pain. and often accompanied by loss of function of the affected part. 

In horses redness is not often recognisable and as with heat are associated with increased bloodflow to the area. Swelling depends where inflammation is sited but is usually more obvious in tissues with a plentiful blood supply. Damage to the nerve endings in the affected tissue account for the majority of the pain. Inflammatory disease of the musculoskeletal system invariably results in lameness, a sympton which can be linked directly to the organ system involved. 

However, some clinical signs of inflammation may not always be attributable to their source. When the body mounts an inflammatory response it is quite common to also see an increase in body temperature, generalised discomfort, dullness and lack of appetite. 

Chronic inflammation can lead to the formation of fibrous tissue during the healing process. The inflammatory process may resolve with treatment, but if neglected can lead to septic involvement or possibly death of tissue.

Always ask the advice of your verterinary surgeon if you feel unhappy with a situation.

Inflammation of muscle tissue (myositis) may result from severe straining and usually shows signs of local heat in the muscle, followed by stiffness or lameness if in the leg muscles.

Sore shins (metacarpal periostitis) is very common in the fore limbs of racehorses. Can sometimes affect both forelegs at the same time it is caused by concussion and usually associated with strenuous exercise especially on hard ground.

This is an inflammatory condition of the synovial membrane and chiefly affects the hock, stifle and carpus. Heat, swelling, pain and stiffness are all symptoms. There may be associated stiffness of muscles and tendons.

Non-toxic and non-irritant. No harmful chemicals.

Help soothe and ease stiff, painful joints and muscular problems.

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