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Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is one of two fly repellents designed and manufactured by Barrier Animal Healthcare – also see Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent

Both of our formulations can be applied to raw and exposed areas to soothe and calm irritation and stop the need to rub.

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is especially designed to repel all flying insects, especially Midge. It effectively protects against and calms the effects of midge bites and stops the need to rub. Unique in that it contains a much higher than normal level of antiseptic ingredients for more severe cases, where the skin is broken.

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent repels all flying insects especially Midge. Although both of our fly repellent formulations can be applied to sore and exposed areas to help soothe and calm irritation and help stop the need to rub, the Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is specifically designed to calm and soothe the effects of midge bites, having even more ingredients known for their antiseptic properties.

In accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive, regulations require any product which holds itself out as any form of repellent to secure an approval and licence number from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). This approval requires the active ingredient (Ai) to be listed on the label together with the amount of Ai being used. In April, 2006 Barrier Animal Healthcare secured the necessary approval and the licence number 8724 for this product. Ai is Citridiol 1.5% W/W.

No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene current FEI and HRA rules.

Our formulation is powerful enough to deter the largest of flying insects. Horse flies are hated by both ourselves and horses, because they really hurt when they bite. They have a knife-like mouthpiece that breaks through the skin by slashing it, in order that they can then feed of the blood. The skin is left with raised, sore and very irritating lumps. Our formulations will soothe and help stop the need to rub.

Sweet Itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the biting midge. This causes intense irritation and normally affects the mane, tail, chest and belly. Although moist, wooded areas attract midge, some animals are more prone to the effects of midge bite than others and it normally stays with them for life, so it is very important to use a good repellent that keeps the midge at bay and calms the effects of midge bites, ensuring that your horse or pony is kept a comfortable as possible.

Animals that continously rub will lose hair and eventually the skin becomes broken and sore. Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is a gentle and kind formulation and can be applied directly to broken areas to soothe soreness and help restore lost hair.

No need to worry about application to exposed and sore areas, Enhanced Formula is kind and gentle enough to apply directly to areas which have been rubbed raw. It stops the urge to rub almost instantly and gets to work and soothing affected areas.

Available in a horse friendly, quiet, fine action trigger spray. The easy-to-use spray has an adjustable nozzle so a quick turn of the adaptor will spray a wide fine mist or a sharp jet spray to get deep into thicker coats.

Very rarely, horses and ponies can suffer an allergic reaction to natural or synthetic products. If you suspect your horse suffers from allergies or has a very sensitive skin, it is always advisable to carry out a small skin test before use.

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent comes readily available in 5 litre (with a 500 ml empty trigger spray bottle), 500 ml trigger spray and 500 ml refill, which is suitable for those horses that are unsure about sprays.

Especially designed to repel all flying insects.

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