Equestrizone - Himalayan Salt Lick
Equestrizone - Himalayan Salt Lick
Equestrizone - Himalayan Salt Lick

Equestrizone – Himalayan Salt Lick


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Natural source of salt for horses and ponies


Equestrizone Himalayan rock salt lick for horses provide the essential minerals sodium and chloride, which are often short in the diets of working horses. Salt (sodium chloride) is such an important mineral for good health that horses will seek it out if they are short. Therefore, offering a block is a good way to ensure they can help themselves to what they need.

One of the purest, most natural sources of salt available, the Himalayan blocks are mined out of the ground at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Mining the blocks gives the local mountain people their main source of income. The blocks are a 550 million year old completely natural source of salt for your horse. Folklore tells us that the mines were discovered by Alexander the Great when his horses licked the ground as they rested nearby.

The blocks are very hard so they won’t crumble and the horse will not be able to bite off large chunks as they may do with pressed salt blocks. The hardness also makes them more resistant to rain, so they can be hung in the field.

Why is salt so important for horses?
Mineral licks for horses – sodium is a key nutrient for fluid balance in the body, yet a great deal can be lost in the sweat. If losses are not replaced, over time the horse will suffer from dehydration because the body’s salt concentration is what drives thirst. Sodium is also important for muscle and nerve function. Deficiency causes decreased exercise performance, sweating, nerve and muscle dysfunction and reduced appetite. Chloride is also lost in sweat, and is important for body fluid balance and the production of stomach acid.

Most horse diets are short of salt, and neither multi-vitamin and mineral supplements nor compound feeds provide enough salt for exercising horses. Salt requirements vary day to day depending on sweating rates so only basic levels are included in vitamin and mineral supplements and compounds.
Salt blocks for horses usage:

  • Offer to all horses and ponies, whether resting or in work
  • Essential for horses and ponies in work, even those fed multi-vitamins and minerals or the full recommended amount of compound feed
  • Replenishes the salt lost in sweat
  • Can be offered to the young and the old

Hard working horses may not take in enough salt from a block and they should have extra electrolyte salts added to their feed as well as being offered a block.

Best Before: use within 2 years of purchase


Natural rock salt (sodium chloride)
Sodium 390 mg/kg

A feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place

✓ For equine use only
✓ Natural salt supplement
✓ Hang at a safe height within easy reach for horse
✓ Rinse lick in warm water prior to feeding to remove any external residues.


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