Equestrizone - MagCalm
Equestrizone - MagCalm SHORT DATED PRODUCT
Equestrizone - MagCalm SHORT DATED PRODUCT
Equestrizone - MagCalm SHORT DATED PRODUCT

Equestrizone – MagCalm


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Equestrizone’s MagCalm is a natural calming supplement which combines magnesium and potassium in equal quantities to soothe and relax horses who become anxious, upset or over-excited.
The magnesium content of MagCalm can also help support stamina, endurance, vitality and energy levels.
Potassium is important for proper function of the nerves and muscles. Potassium stimulates the nerve impulses which make muscles contract properly. It also helps to regulate water levels – stimulating the kidneys to eliminate waste and keeping the skin healthy.
The diets of many horses can be low in magnesium, and potassium can be lost when hard-working, or over-heated, horses sweat a lot. Supplementing with MagCalm is a great way to replace these lost minerals.
Feed to: 

  • Nervous, excitable and tense horses
  • Horses challenged by training or travelling
  • Horses that need help settling into a new environment
  • Horses who need extra muscle support
  • Hard-working horses who lose potassium through excessive sweating
  • Horses fed on a high-grain/low-forage diet – which may be low in magnesium



Heavy horse (700 kg and over) 75 1.5
Average horse (400 – 700kg) 50 1
Pony (up to 400kg) 25 0.5

A 750g tub fed at 50 g per day will last 15 days
A 1.5kg tub fed at 50 g per day will last 30 days
A 2.5kg tub fed at 50 g per day will last 50 days

1 x 50ml scoop (enclosed) =50g


Wheat feed, Magnesium oxide, Magnesium amino acid chelate, Mint



Nutrient Unit Amount per kilo Amount per serve
Vitamin B1 mg 20000 1000
Vitmain B6 mg 8000 400
Live Yeast g 100 5
Lysine g 100 5
Arginine g 60 3
Magnesium g 122 6.1



Crude ash 21.8%
Crude oils and fats 1.91%
Crude fibre 3.52%
Crude protein 40.94%


NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES: L-lysine (3.2.3.), 100,000mg/kg, L-arginine (3c3.6.1.), 60,000mg/kg, Vitamin B1 (as thiamine mononitrate, 3a821), 20,000mg/kg, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride, 3a831), 8,000mg/kg.

Gut flora stabiliser: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae CNCM 1-1077, (4b1710) 100,000mg/kg

Mixture of flavouring compounds

A complementary feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace lid securely to avoid deterioration of contents. Keep out of reach of children

✓ Nervous, excitable and tense horses
✓ Aids concentration
✓ Aids relaxation
✓ Horses challenged by training or travelling
✓ Horses that need help settling into a new environment

Magnesium supplements for horses
Magnesium is a mineral renowned for its calming properties, because it gets depleted in times of stress. Many owners swear by magnesium-based horse calmers and say that they have transformed “nightmare” horses that used to be excitable, anxious or aggressive and have fought against traditional training methods.

MagCalm combines magnesium with potassium. Together these two minerals work to promote calmness in horses that become unruly in an assortment of situations.
Mag calm for horses supports muscle, helping it to relax. It also promotes healthy muscles and is particularly useful for horses who tie up.
Horses may be deficient in magnesium if they are fed a diet that is high in grain but low in forage. It is also thought that the “fizziness” of some horses who eat a lot of spring grass is due to a lack of magnesium in the fast-growing grass that is typical at that time of year.

In its most severe form – which is very rare – magnesium deficiency can result in muscle tremors and even convulsions as well as high levels of excitability and nervousness.
Magnesium for horses is also needed for a healthy heart, for the proper regulation of blood pressure and to convert proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy. The mineral helps to sustain healthy muscle and nerve functions by giving support to nerve transmissions and getting rid of excess toxins from the body.

Potassium is needed by the horse to ensure the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Potassium stimulates the nerve impulses which in turn makes the muscles contract correctly. It also helps to regulate fluid levels and keep the skin healthy. The kidneys are stimulated to eliminate waste products efficiently by potassium.Lack of potassium can lead to restlessness, slow and irregular heartbeats, general weakness, fragile bones and poor reflexes. Horses are also reported to be more easily spooked – especially by loud noises – if their diet is lacking in potassium. Sweating increases the loss of potassium, both in the sweat itself and in the urine. Therefore supporting the body’s natural mechanism to potassium deficiency is important for hard-working horses and those competing in sports, especially if they are training, competing or working in hot, humid weather.For some time now, supplementing with high quality magnesium-based products, such as Equestrizone’s MagCalm, has been seen to have a positive impact on temperament.Owners and trainers say they have found it helpful for settling horses in a new environment and a useful aid for horses that become overexcited and hard to handle due to stress.

Calming supplements for horses
Some horse calming supplements use basic and inexpensive types of magnesium – in some cases even epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). The drawback of these cheaper ingredients is that they are more difficult for the horse’s body to absorb and are therefore less effective. MagCalm, however, is produced in a form that is palatable and can be absorbed by the body quickly and easily.

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1 review for Equestrizone – MagCalm

  1. Helen Bampton

    Since using MagCalm my horse has been a lot less tense both mentally and physically, and recovers from hard work (sweating and muscle tiredness) more quickly. I must admit when Mark told me how good this product was I was sceptical as I had already tried many of the leading brands of calmer with not much effect. But within a couple of days there were big physical differences especially how he worked over his back on the flat, lots more relaxed and able to stretch and carry himself better, as he was no longer tense in his muscles. I would highly recommend this product.

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