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The advantage of our ready cooked full fat linseed meal is that it is ready to add straight away to your horses’ daily feed – no need to boil and prepare the seeds yourself.


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Micronised (cooked linseed meal) Ready to feed. 20kg bag.

Linseed meal can help to improve your horse’s coat and condition along with helping to maintain good general health and supple joints. Our Cooked Linseed Meal is low in starch and sugars, so suitable for feeding to laminitic horses and ponies. Wholesome and healthy conditioning feed

Average horse (500kg) 500

A 20kg sack fed at 100g per day will last 200 days
A 20kg sack fed at 500g per day will last 40 days

Can be fed at variable rates but typically feed 1g per 1kg body weight.


Full fat micronised linseed
Crude protein 21.8%
Oil 37.3%
Crude fibre 17.6%

A feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place

✓ Safe conditioning feed – add on top of normal ration
✓ Adds a rich bloom to the coat
✓ Rich in oils and essential amino acids
✓ Nutrient dense, ideal for adding calories to a low-starch diet
✓ No need to boil – ready to feed

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