Equestrizone - PegaVite®
Equestrizone - PegaVite®
Equestrizone - PegaVite®
Equestrizone - PegaVite®

Equestrizone – PegaVite®


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Essential daily vitamins and minerals to balance the diet for all horses and ponies


A balanced diet is the cornerstone for optimal health, well-being and performance in all horses and ponies, yet many horses and ponies are short of essential nutrients. Forages are often short of essential minerals and vitamins and straight feeds are always short. Many horses and ponies do not require the full recommended amount of compound feed. Supplementing with PegaVite® balances the diet, making up for shortfalls and thus avoiding harmful deficiencies.
Feed to:

  • All horses and ponies fed less than the recommended amount of compound feed e.g. those in good condition and/or on good grass
  • All horses and ponies fed straight feeds e.g. oats, corn, barley, sugar beet
  • All horses and ponies fed only forage
  • Retired horses and ponies out at grass
  • Working horses and ponies who are good doers and don’t need much compound feed
  • Support healthy hooves and a shiny bloom to the coat*
  • Support optimal performance in working horses and ponies*
  • Support optimal immune function*

*In horses and ponies fed less than the recommended amount of compound feed

Heavy horse (700kg and over) 100 – 200 2 – 4
Average horse (400 – 700kg) 75 – 150 1.5 – 3
Pony (up to 400kg) 50 – 100 1 – 2

A 3.5kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 35 days
A 6kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 60 days
A 9kg tub fed at 100g per day will last 90 days

1 x level 50ml scoop (enclosed) = 50g

Feed with plenty of forage e.g. grass or hay and ensure clean fresh water is always available. Feed at the full rates with straight feeds e.g. oats/barley or when no other compound feed is given. If other supplemented feeds are given e.g. compounds, then reduce the rate down to half. For best results split the recommended daily amount between two feeds


Calcium carbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Ground micronised maize, Wheat feed, Magnesium oxide, trace elements and vitamins.


Nutrient Unit Amount per kilo Amount per serve
Vitamin A mg 377000 37700
Vitamin D3 mg 48000 4800
Vitamin E mg 13000 1300
Vitamin K mg 40 4
Vitamin B1 mg 940 94
Vitamin B2 mg 940 94
Vitamin B12 mg 25 2.5
Niacin mg 1406 140.6
Calcium Pantothenate mg 940 94
Folic Acid mg 940 94
Biotin mg 15 1.5
Choline Chloride mg 1400 140
Iodine mg 12.7 1.27
Selenium mg 11 1.1
Iron mg 1900 190
Copper mg 1000 100
Zinc mg 3300 330
Manganese mg 3300 330
Phosphorous g 35 3.5
Sodium g 52 5.2
Magnesium g 27 2.7


Calcium 17.5%
Phosphorus 3.5%
Crude protein 3.4%
Crude fibres 1.1%
Crude oils and fats 1.6%
Sodium 5.2%
Acid insoluble ash 2.9%
Crude ash 69.9%


NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES: Iron 1,900 mg/kg (as 6,300mg ferrous sulphate monohydrate, E1), Manganese 3,300 mg/kg (as 5,300 mg manganous oxide, E5), Zinc 3,300mg/kg (as 4,500 mg zinc oxide, E6), Copper 1,000mg/kg (as 4,000mg copper sulphate, E4), Selenium 11mg/kg (as 500mg sodium selenite, (E8) and 400mg Selplex selenium yeast, (3b8.10)), Iodine 1mg/kg (as 20 mg calcium iodate anhydrous, E2).

Vitamin E rac-alpha tocopherol (3a700) 13,000mg/kg, Vitamin D3 (E671-Cholecalciferol) 48,000IU/kg, Vitamin A (3a672a-Retinyl acetate) 377,000IU/kg

Preservative: Calcium propionate (E282) 1mg/kg
Antioxidant: BHT (E321) 1,000mg/kg
Mixture of flavouring compounds

A mineral feed material for horses. Store in a cool, dry place. Replace lid securely to avoid deterioration of contents. Keep out of reach of children

✓ All horses and ponies fed less than the recommended amount of compound feed
✓ All horses and ponies fed straight feeds e.g. oats, corn, barley, sugar beet
✓ All horses and ponies fed only forage
✓ General support for healthy hooves, coat, immune function and optimal performance

Equestrizone’s PegaVite® is a balanced daily feed supplement for all horses and ponies – formulated by a leading equine nutritionist and manufactured at a food safe factory in the UK.

PegaVite® provides a balanced supply of 25 essential vitamins and minerals. It is a vital safety net to ensure your horse gets its full daily requirement of nutrients for health and vitality. Even minor shortfalls in nutrition can lead to poor performance and skin, coat and hoof problems.

Many horses and ponies are not fed the full recommended amount of compound feed, which means they will not be receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals missing from UK forage and therefore will not be receiving a balanced diet. A balanced diet – one that supplies all the essential nutrients required per day – is the absolute cornerstone of good health and performance.

Horses need to be fed a balanced diet before other health-promoting or therapeutic supplements are fed, because such products will not work optimally without the foundation of a well-balanced diet.

Horses do not have an innate ability to seek out a balanced diet, because they do prefer sweeter, more immature plant growth. Research studies have shown that, when given free choice, they prefer sweeter, mineral-unbalanced feeds compared to unsweetened, mineral-balanced feeds. In addition, UK grass – by its very nature – is short of the essential micro-minerals copper, zinc and selenium for horses. Furthermore, the preserving processes of making hay and haylage reduces micronutrients by causing losses of essential vitamins A and E.

Therefore, every horse or pony fed a forage-only diet or fed less than the full recommended amount of a compound feed should have a multi-vitamin and mineral product such as PegaVite® added to their daily diet.

  • Vitamin A – essential for good eyesight, healthy skin, good immunity, bone growth and reproduction
  • Vitamin D – essential for the body to be able to absorb, transport and utilise calcium; so crucial for bone health, and is essential for cell growth and differentiation
  • Vitamin E – a powerful biological antioxidant, vital for many essential metabolic processes; particularly important for reproduction, healing and muscle function, and always short in grass hay and haylage
  • Vitamin K – essential for blood clotting, bone metabolism, blood vessel health and brain function
  • B vitamins – essential for energy metabolism; maintain healthy muscle and skin, promote cell growth and keep the horse’s immune system and nervous system functioning correctly
  • Calcium and phosphorus – vital for healthy bones and teeth but must be in a ratio of greater than 1:1, or calcium deficiency will result. Calcium is also essential for muscle and nerve function, enzyme regulation and blood clotting. Phosphorus is essential for energy metabolism, and the production of protein and lipid compounds including genetic material
  • Magnesium – essential for muscle and nervous tissue function; involved in enzyme activation, and bone and teeth structure • Iron – essential for oxygen transport, delivery and storage via red blood cells and in muscle myoglobin
  • Copper and zinc – important for a variety of metabolic processes and structures and always short in UK forage. Copper is a component of enzymes, essential for iron function in oxygen delivery, healthy connective tissue, hair colour and healthy hoof formation. Zinc is a component of many enzymes, and essential for immune function, wound healing, protein synthesis, in genetic material, and healthy skin and hoof formation
  • Iodine – essential for hormone production, growth and development
  • Manganese – essential for nutrient metabolism and cartilage formation
  • Selenium yeast – for enhanced bio-availability of selenium, which is essential for reproduction, growth, the immune system, enzyme and pancreatic function, and is a component of an important biological antioxidant
  • Biotin – a B-complex vitamin, essential for energy metabolism and maintains sound hooves

Sodium and chlorine are included in PegaVite® at a basic level, but they should be added in the form of common salt (sodium chloride) depending on how hard a horse works; therefore sweats. Sodium and chlorine are not included in multi-vitamin and mineral supplements at the full required level because these are the two minerals the requirements of which will change on a daily basis, depending on how much the horse has sweated.

Potassium might be noticeable in its absence, but horse diets supply more than adequate potassium so it does not need to be supplemented to the normal daily diet. The exception is for horses undergoing prolonged moderate intensity endurance exercise, who – due to losses in sweat – require supplementation along with common salt (sodium chloride).

Signs of mineral/vitamin deficiency
Poor coat, pigment loss around the eyes (copper), lethargy, failure to come into season; eating soil and/or eating droppings. However, deficiencies can be present without any obvious signs, so an assessment of the diet is a more reliable solution compared to an assessment of the horse.

Plans to manufacture liquid PegaVite®?
PegaVite® is only available as a powder, because it is very difficult to stabilise such a rich abundance of so many vitamins and minerals within liquid. Some of the goodness of the vitamins and minerals can be destroyed by the chemical reaction that results when some minerals are combined in a water environment. The high concentrations of macro-minerals needed for a supplement of the quality and power of PegaVite® would make it probable that they would precipitate into a solid in the solution and therefore be wasted.

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