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A new generation equine hoof supplement, Equi Life’s Formula 4 Feet provides unique benefits for horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, crumbling horn, weak heels, and/or laminitis or prone to laminitis. The nutrition for hooves provided by Formula 4 Feet supports obvious improvements in hoof horn quality.

Formula 4 Feet is:

  • Non-GM and approved by the Vegetarian Society
  • Tested for common feed contaminants before being offered for sale
  • A comprehensive supplement providing over 65 nutrients including 13 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 16 minerals, 4 antioxidants, and essential fatty acids including omega-3 FA
  • Rich in biotin, supplying 20 mg per daily serving for a 450 kg horse

Feed Formula 4 Feet to:

  • All regularly shod horses
  • Horses and ponies with hoof horn challenges including brittleness, slow growth, crumbling and cracks
  • Horses and ponies prone to losing shoes
  • Horses and ponies with, at risk of, or prone to laminitis

Formula 4 Feet how much to feed?

Feed from the hand or mix with the feed.

Feed 37.8 g per 100 kg bodyweight:

  • 225 kg bodyweight give 85 g daily
  • 450 kg bodyweight give 170 g daily
  • 675 kg bodyweight give 255 g daily
  • >675 kg bodyweight feed pro rata

A 7 kg sack fed at 170 g daily will last 41 days.

A 20 kg sack fed at 170 g daily will last 117 days.

25-40% lucerne meal, 10-24.99% minerals and vitamins, dried yeast (non-viable), <10% beans, soya concentrate GMF, toasted soya beans GMF, vegetable fat, apple flavour, antioxidant E321.

**Contains NO ingredients of animal or molluscan origin. Formula 4 Feet is a GM-free supplement**

Unit per kg per 170 g
Biotin mg  120 20.4
Folic acid mg  12  2.0
Riboflavin mg  100  17.0
Vitamin B12 mg  0.59  0.1
Vitamin C mg  7,030 1,195
Vitamin D3 iu  47,000 8,000
Vitamin E iu  5,000   850
Arginine mg 11,200 1,904.0
Calcium mg  20,300  3,451.0
Choline mg  3,262  554.5
Chromium mg 6.0 1.0
Cobalt mg  9.4  1.6
Copper mg  535 91.0
Cystine mg  3,030  515.1
DL-Methionine mg  3,570  606.9
Inositol mg  1,000 170.0
Iodine mg  6.0 1.0
Iron mg  250.0 42.5
Lysine mg  13,357 2,270.7
Magnesium mg  30,110 5,118.7
Omega-3 fatty acids mg  5,880 999.0
Phenylalanine mg 11,990  2,038.3
Phosphorus mg  13,880  2,359.6
Proline mg  10,221  1,737.6
>td >mg  9,680  1,645.6
Tryptophan mg  3,100  527.0
Tyrosine mg  6,879  1,169.4
Vanadium mg  2.3  0.4
Zinc mg  1,069 181.7

Provides unique benefits for both horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of laminitis.

Formula 4 Feet was developed by Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of the Laminitis Clinic, in collaboration with Dr David Frape, equine nutritionist. Mr Eustace chose to avoid GM ingredients, feeling that more research is necessary to prove safety to both animals and the environment.

Formula 4 Feet is manufactured in the UK in a drug-free, UFAS-approved facility complying to ISO 9001 standards, and each batch is tested at an equine forensic laboratory to be free of substances listed in the Common Feed Contaminants Screen, before being offered for sale. The product has gained approval by the Vegetarian Society due to there being no ingredients of animal, fish or molluscan origin, and to the ethical production and development policies which Equi Life employs.

Formula 4 Feet has been subjected to independent research at the University of Berlin, the world-renowned keratin institute. The comprehensive formulation contains the following nutrients:

  • Over 3 g calcium daily, balanced with magnesium and phosphorus. Calcium is important in inter-squame attachment in hoof horn
  • Both organic and inorganic sources of zinc, which is important for correct hoof horn and skin growth
  • Bioavailable magnesium, to balance shortages associated with glucose and insulin disturbances
  • 20 mg biotin per daily serving (based on 450 kg horse)
  • Methionine, a sulphur-containing essential amino acid that provides building blocks of strong hoof horn and supports liver function
  • Essential amino acids lysine and threonine
  • Amino acids arginine (a precursor for nitric oxide, helping to keep blood vessels healthy) and tyrosine and phenylalanine (precursors for dopamine, which is in short supply in Cushing’s case)
  • Iodine, which when combined with tyrosine, forms thyroxine (thyroid hormone, for normal metabolism and a healthy haircoat)
  • Generous amounts of phospholipids, from natural ingredients. Phospholipids are key for cell membrane function and in the hoof, are involved in keeping the horn free from infections and maintaining a normal fluid balance
  • Vitamin A, for a healthy epithelium, vitamins C and E for their antioxidant properties, riboflavin for its involvement in energy metabolism
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, to balance natural anti-inflammatory processes
  • Natural plant source of vanadium and chromium, for healthy insulin function
  • Short-chain oligosaccharides to maintain a healthy hindgut microbial population and inhibit pathogenic bacteria
  • Choline and inositol for optimal liver function

Formula 4 Feet contains no cereals and no selenium.

Forumla 4 Feet provides support against the syndromes of obesity, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and hormonal disease (including Cushing’s syndrome), when it should be used in combination with a low-calorie, high fibre diet with controlled water soluble carbohydrate levels.

Formula 4 Feet is particularly effective for laminitis cases and it should be fed to both horses and ponies with or recovering from laminitis, and those at risk of it, or who have had it in the past. It will support the metabolism, good gut health, insulin and glucose balance, and good quality hoof horn.  It should be fed with a low-calorie, high fibre diet with controlled water soluble carbohydrate levels. Obesity is a major risk factor for laminitis so affected overweight horses and ponies or those at risk should be put on a calorie-controlled diet without delay.

Formula 4 Feet comes in a resealable, recyclable, waterproof and UV light-proof container. It represents a significant saving on existing hoof and laminitis supplements e.g. a 7 kg bag (which represents a 6 week shoeing interval supply for a 450 kg horse) has an RRP of only £34.95.

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