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Discover No Moody No® and/or Cushy-VX® for concentrated powerful supplements for moody mares and Cushing’s syndrome (PPID) and EMS.
Vitex4 Equids
An aqueous extract of the herb Vitex agnus-castus (also known as Monk’s Pepper or Chasteberry); part of the vervain family of plants. Vitex is a shrub grown widely along the river banks and in the valleys of the Mediterranean and Central Asiatic regions. After flowering in high summer, the plant develops dark brown fruit (similar to peppercorns). These fruits are dried and are the parts of the plant used in the preparation of Vitex4 Equids.
Vitex4 Equids:

  • Based on purified water, with no chemical additives nor inclusions and is 100% natural. Vitex4 Equids can therefore be used in competition animals
  • Unique among herbal infusions in terms of the quality control procedures used during its preparation
  • Made in a laboratory licensed under the UK Medicines Acts 1968 and 1971
  • Ensures an exceptionally high-level of quality and conformity; the same quality as is necessary to produce the drugs you are prescribed from your doctor

Vitex4 Equids can:

  1. be fed to horses with Cushing’s syndrome
  2. support mares to establish regular cycles early in the breeding season
  3. maintain excellent sperm quality in stallions
  4. provide a sense of well being in equids

How does Vitex4 Equids work?

  • It is known that Vitex can support the hormonal balance in horses

Vitex has gained an outstanding reputation as a natural and effective way to maintain the health of horses’ hormonal systems. Vitex gently but effectively supports the normal functioning of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the “conductor of the hormonal orchestra” governing digestion, metabolic rate, reproduction, behaviour, growth and ageing.

vitex 4 equids dosage. Vitex can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines. There is no known toxicity level for Vitex agnus-castus and the suggested administration rates may be increased if necessary.

Add to the feed at the rate of:
  ml per day
Equids weighingless than 360 kg60
 between 360 kg and 520 kg80
 over 520 kg100

2.5 litres fed at 100 ml per day will last 25 days.

These administration rates may be reduced for animals showing behavioural or temperamental disturbances:
  ml per day
Equids weighingless than 360 kg40
 between 360 kg and 520 kg60
 over 520 kg80

2.5 litres fed at 80 ml per day will last 31 days. 

Vitex 4 equids ingredients - aqueous extract of Vitex agnus-castus in purified water.

An aqueous extract of Vitex agnus-castus to support hormone balance.

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