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Equi-Ping is a safety tether release for horses and ponies. This stable equipment product comes in a range of colours and is a must have piece of safety kit. It’s safer than string, time after time!  

How to use an Equi-Ping
We suggest that you attach it to a metal tying ring which is securely attached to something solid and sturdy.

The design of the Equi-Ping means that it’s easy to attach to the ring and the arrowhead mechanism is simple to push into place. The arrowhead mechanism with security sleeve has different release tensions depending on the size of the horse/pony and whether it generally stands quietly or tends to fidget.  

We would recommend using the Equi-Ping with the arrowhead mechanism pushed into two of the slots with the sleeve over it (between the two small bumps which will keep the sleeve in place) for the first time. If you feel that the mechanism is “pinging” open too easily and you want more tension before it opens then you simply use the third or fourth slots with the sleeve.

Once attached you’ll find the leadrope easily slides through so that you can tie up in the normal way (we recommend using a quick release knot). 

If your horse spooks or panics, approximately 80 kilos worth of pressure will open the mechanism when in it’s fully locked position (i.e. the arrowhead is completely pushed into all the slots), helping to avoid some of the injuries that may occur in these situations. Although Equi-Ping cannot prevent injury in all cases, it does significantly reduce the risk.

The Equi-Ping has been designed to be re-used and can simply be put back on the metal tying ring and the prongs pushed back into place and the sleeve pushed back over.

They are versatile and can be used inside and outside the stable as well as whilst traveling in a horsebox or trailer. They can be used on the outside of horseboxes/trailers at shows, however as is normal practice, it is never advisable to leave a horse unattended for a significant period. You can safely leave them outside in all weathers.

They come in a range of colours – black, blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Many months of research, development and testing have gone into the Equi-Pings and we are sure that you will find them a useful addition to your stable equipment. However, if you are not 100% satisfied please contact us for a full refund!

A safety tether release - safer than string, time after time!

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