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It is estimated that gastric ulcers may affect over 60% of performance horses. Digestive disturbances and ulceration of the stomach may greatly reduce overall performance of the horse, as well as behaviour, weight gain and gerneral health. 

The modern training regimes of competition horses are far removed from a grazing horse. High concentrate diets combined with low roughage intake can predispose a horse to ulcers, and when combined with stabling, travelling and competition the risk may increase further. 

Excel Digest has been formulated to help support the digestive tract, containing a unique blend of minerals, plant extracts and digestive enhancers,. The daily use of Excel Digest may help support the body’s natural responses to ulcers and digestive imbalances.

Feed 70 g per day, split between each feed. Introduce gradually over a period of 3-5 days. Ensure fresh water and forage are always available.

Seaweed extract, slippery elm extract, MOS, nucleotide complex, alfalfa meal, fennel powder, peppermint leaf, prebiotic, peppermint oil, aloe vera.

To support the body's natural responses to ulcers and digestive imbalances.

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