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Equiform Easy Joint Liquid


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A comprehensive liquid equine joint supplement specially formulated for your horse to help maintain the function of joint structures. Equiform Easy Joint Liquid contains glucosamine which is the key precursor for synthesis of the connective tissue matrix. Glucosamine stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGS), such as hyaluronic acid and chondrotin sulphate, both of which are important in the production of collagen and ultimately connective tissue. 

MSM has been included as it is one of the most bio available sources of sulphur; sulphur is vital for correct formation of the connective tissue. The body requires vitamin C for growth, repair and maintenance of structural tissues, it has been found to have a key role in the production of proteins such as collagen, the antioxidant properties act as a limit to the deterioration of the connective tissues by free radicals. 

The B vitamins 2, 6 and 12 have been included to support an efficient metabolism. An insufficient metabolism = compromised growth, development and repair of the body systems.

Vitamin A is included to support correct development of the skeleton and other body systems. 

Vitamin D is also included to support the absorption, uptake and transport of calcium and phosphorus. 

Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant similar in function to vitamin C and therefore aids the body’s protective mechanisms for oxidative damage.

Magnesium is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism and has been included to support calcium and phosphorus utilisation.

Copper is included as it is involved in the formation of cartilage, bone, and elastin, all of which are vital in the maintenance and repair of the joint structures. 

Zinc has been included, again to support the development and maintenance of the joint.

Yucca extract has been included for its natural properties that support joint function. 

The base of apple cider vinegar is also renowned for its properties to support joint function and repair. 

This product offers a broad range of ingredients, all of which are involved in the maintenance and repair of the joint structure. By including the vitamins and minerals as well as the glucosamine and MSM we are aiming to act on a broader role within the joint. As well as stimulating the production of GAGS, which other products concentrate on, we are also ensuring all functions relating to the joint are catered for. This broad range supplement is a cost effective method to ensure the joints within the horse are working to their maximal ability, without compromising their continued development.

 ml per day
Up to 400 kg30
Over 400 kg60

In severe cases or when a joint supplement has not previously been used it may be of benefit to feed a loading rate of 90ml for 14 days. 

per litre
Apple cider vinegar100 ml
Ascorbic acid36 g
Copper (as bioplex)600 mg
Glucosamine HCI180 g
Honey150 g
Magnesium sulphate1 g
MSM10 g
Vitamin A500,000 IU
Vitamin B122 mg
Vitamin B252 mg
Vitamin B6200 mg
Vitamin D350,000 IU
Vitamin E7 g
Yucca extract200 mg
Zinc (as bioplex)500 mg

Specially formulated for your horse to help maintain the function of joint structures.

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