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Equiform Excel Maintain is a powdered vitamin and mineral supplement, ideal for horses in light to medium work and those yards on a tighter budget. Also, due to the nature of the formulation, ideal for laminitics and other horses intolerant of sugar. It is the ideal supplement for the good doer.


  • Ensures the metabolism of carbohydrate fat and protein occurs effectively, allowing for correct growth, development and maintenance
  • Contains yeast, providing a source of micronutrients
  • A comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals means a correctly balanced diet can be maintained
  • No sugar base allows safe feeding to laminitics, sugar-intolerant horses, and those on restricted grazing
  • Easily mixed into the feed of dissolved in water
  • Aids digestion

This product contains bioplexes, proteinates of manganese, copper and zinc, to allow maximum absorption of the product. These bioplexes will also help to support the immune response in equines. They also support bone development, muscle structure, fertility and condition.

 g per day
Horses in heavy work50
Horses in light work30

A powdered vitamin and mineral supplement, ideal for horses in light to medium work.

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