Equiform Xtrolyte Blue

Equiform Xtrolyte Blue


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  • For horses fed on compound feeds
  • Ensures the loss of essential salts is avoided
  • Allows the horse to perform at maximal levels
  • Contains sodium, chloride and potassium, all vital for regulation of the acid base balance
  • Contains magnesium and calcium to support nerve and muscle function
  • Contains zinc to support normal cell metabolism
  • Contains vitamin E and selenium for maintenance and support of muscle tissues and cell membranes
  • Contains copper for utitilisation of iron from the diet, to support red blood cell production and haemoglobin

60–120 ml per day dependant on work load. 

 per litre
Calcium25 g
Chloride38.4 g
Copper1 mg
Magnesium5 g
Potassium5.03 g
Selenium2.88 mg
Sodium25 g
Vitamin E4 g
Zinc4.22 g

A specially formulated liquid electrolyte, for horses in medium to hard work.

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