Equilibrium Vitamunch heavenly healthy hedgerow

Equilibrium Vitamunch heavenly healthy hedgerow


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vitamunch® ‘hhh…heavenly healthy hedgerow’ with rosehip, hawthorn and cleavers (enriched with essential vitamins and minerals).

Horses are born snackers – it is how their digestive system works best. Unfortunately they don’t always get the opportunity to snack as much as they would like to or need to.

Equilibrium vitamunch® is a unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal-free snack that your horse or pony can enjoy at any time. vitamunch® snacks are made from top quality Timothy grass which is slow dried at a low temperature to maintain a fresh succulent flavour and nutrient level.
Field fresh
To guarantee the very best quality and lock in nutrients Timothy grass (Phleum pretense) is mown and air-dried with 48 hours, then sealed in air-tight packs so that it reaches you as fresh as the day it was made. Packed with 12 vitamins and 5 essential minerals, each vitamunch® is crammed with natural goodness, tastes great and will stay field fresh for a whole year.

At home or on the hoof

  • Handy, fuss-free and easy to use at home or on the road, vitamunch® blocks are truly versatile
  • Can be served dry, wet or in a net…in a field, stable or horse box
  • Our favourite way of feeding vitamunch® blocks is in our munch® net, our horses nibble on them for several hours
  • Soaking blocks in the munch® net is recommended for older horses
  • Ideal between a meal or as a boredom breaker
  • Also suitable for overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis

These unique blend of flavours will help keep your horse or pony occupied, happy and quiet between meals, or even in stressful situations such as separating companions, travelling, clipping etc. Their low sugar high fibre content also makes them a suitable snack or boredom breaker for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or obesity.

  • Trials with horse owners have shown that munch® blocks are so yummy that 9 out of 10 horses and ponies preferred them to their hay and haylage
  • Formed into a 1 kg block, munch® snacks are easy to transport, neat, tidy and easy-to-store. Their airtight packaging keeps that ‘just harvested’ smell and freshness
  • vitamunch® snacks are very versatile and can be served wet or dry, in a small hole net, in a feed bucket, in the stable, field or trailer/horse box
  • The innovative munch® net is the perfect way to allow your horse to make this snack last

vitamunch® blocks are accredited by the UFAS and NOPS schemes so are suitable to be fed to competition horses and ponies.

vitamunch® is sown, grown and produced in Yorkshire by award winning Newhay Feeds, one of Britain’s leading growers of natural feeds.

vitamunch® is a complementary feedingstuff for horses. Feed up to 2 blocks per day. 

vitamunch® 'hhh...heavenly healthy hedgerow' with rosehip, hawthorn and cleavers (enriched with essential vitamins and minerals).

There are four more munch®:

  1. fleximunch® 'fabulously flexible for extra joint support' with glucosamine, MSM, rosehip, ginger and boswellia
  2. vitamunch® 'mmm...marvellously moreish meadow' with dandelion, red clover and nettle (enriched with essential vitamins and minerals)
  3. calmmunch® 'relaxing & rewarding...to support calm bahaviour' with magnesium, B vitamins, chamomile, hops and vervain
  4. hoofmunch® 'for...healthy hardworking hooves' with kelp, nettle and rosehip. Fortified with biotin, zinc and methionine

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