EQUIVITE® Vitamin E & Selenium

EQUIVITE® Vitamin E & Selenium


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EQUIVITE® Vitamin E & Selenium is a concentrated antioxidant formula that supports muscle function and immunity. Provides the two most powerful antioxidants in diet of performance and breeding horses, in an easy-to-absorb form.

  • The extra stresses placed on performance and breeding horses will result in free radical attack, increasing the need for antioxidants to protect muscle cells and immune status.
  • This potent antioxidant formula combines vitamin E with selenium to block free radical attack.

Use EQUIVITE® Vitamin E & Selenium if:

  1. Your horse is in regular competition or hard work.
  2. You feed a high oil diet, as the horse needs extra antioxidants to cope with the extra oil.
  3. You have breeding stock, as Vitamin E & Selenium supports the transfer of immunity to the foal.

25 g per day in addition to normal feed. 

NutrientsUnit25 gkg
Vitamin Emg1,000.040,000.0

Concentrated antioxidant formula.

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