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Exselent E


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What is it for?

  1. Vitamin E is a key component in aiding muscle development and crucial in avoiding muscle pain and damage
  2. Selenium is vital in the process of muscle health and to aid the retention of suppleness in the muscle tissue during work

What to look for:

  1. When your horse feels stiff during work, is finding it hard to turn, resisting flextion, not stretching as normal
  2. When you feel that you are getting less follow through in walk, trot and canter
  3. Short of stride while jumping and finding long distances difficult in combinations
  4. When grooming you feel the muscle in the neck area and hind quarters hard to the touch

per kg
Vitamin E50,000 iu
Chelated selenium10 mg
Lysine100,000 mg
Vitamin C40,000 mg

Aids muscle performance and development.

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