Feed Supplement for Hooves

Feed Supplement for Hooves


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Keratex Feed Supplement for hooves is specially formulated to contain a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are essential for healthy hoof growth and your horse needs to grow strong, healthy hooves. Research shows the horses with poor quality can be found in deficient in one or more of the nutrients in this supplement, so you can cover all your bases in one little scoop with this proven supplement. 

Don’t be tempted to just feed biotin – it has been found that only about 20% of horses are actually deficient in biotin as it is readily available in grass and hay. This supplement contains biotin, but it also contains zinc, copper, magnesium and methionine to make sure you really are getting the best out of your choice of supplement.

To be mixed with normal feed. All quantities are per day NOT per feed. Only use with scoop provided.

Full adults
Two heaped scoops per 454 kg body weight per day

Youngsters, including weaned foals
Two heaped scoops per day irrespective of bodyweight

One level scoop per day

Each scoop contains unique slow-release nutrients resulting in a longer-lasting, more sustainable effect on hoof horn. When horn quality is improved a manintenance dose of half the above measures can be fed. 

A 3 kg tub lasts for up 90 days. 

 mg per 50 g
Vitamin C1300
Calcium aluminosilicate1400
Choline chloride500
Zinc ( as metalosate)260
Copper (as metalosate)95
Dextrose carrier 

A palatable blend of all the essential nutrients a horse needs to grow good strong, healthy hooves. With zinc, methionine, biotin and copper, all the bases are covered in this brilliant 'one scoop' supplement, which can be added to daily feed.A wholesome supplement designed specifically to boost healthy hoof growth.

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