Fly Away Germ Away Body Wash

Fly Away Germ Away Body Wash


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Fly Away Germ Away Body Wash is an advanced barrier control product – part of Fly Away’s Bio-Security range – which has been specially formulated to kill harmful bacteria in seconds, specifically strangles, ringworm, MRSA,Clostridium difficileEscherichia coli, salmonella, legionella and listeria. Germ Away Body Wash sits in the Germ Away range as a preventative care product not a cure.

Germ Away Body Wash, should be diluted in water and the horse washed all over and rinsed. The advanced technology is effective in seconds and the bacterial and fungal infections that may be carried by the horse are eradicated almost instantly.

Most bacteria and fungi including strangles and ringworm are not just transmitted directly, but can be caught from sharing a feed or water bucket, rugs, tack or grooming items, using a horse box or frequenting a stable vacated by an infected animal. The chances of infection transfer at events is great so always carry a Germ Away 500 ml, to spray temporary stabling before putting your horse in and your lorry before returning to your yard. Bringing back something llike strangels or ringworm would have a devastating effect on any yard. Germ Away is designed to ensure the risk is almost eradicated.

This hard surface sanitiser also has a vanilla aroma to neutralise the day-to-day stable odours. Germ Away remains effective for 30 days after application; reapply for continued barrier control.

  • Advanced barrier control
  • Kills harmful bacteria in seconds
  • Kills strangles and ringworm
  • Effective within seconds
  • Cleansing body wash
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritant

Specially formulated to KILL harmful bacteria in seconds!

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