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Concentrated knot and dreadlock detangler for unruly, dense, free-flowing manes and tails.

Unruly dreadlocks, ringlets, knotted and tangled manes and tails will be a thing of the past. Barrier Free Flow & Shine is specifically designed and manufactured as a grooming aid for use on thick, free flowing manes, tails and feathers.

Barrier Animal Healthcare prides itself on top-quality, effective products that you can trust at affordable prices. Barrier Free Flow & Shine is very concentrated. A little product goes a long way and is not sticky or oily. Instantly works to loosen and detangle knots, ringlets, dreadlocks and to deep condition unruly manes, tails and feathers. Barrier Free Flow & Shine is a unique formulation, which will not dry out the hair. Includes UV protection and silk proteins to deep condition and strengthen each strand of hair, resulting in a smooth, flat not fluffed silky, soft appearance and texture.

Barrier Free Flow & Shine gives a long-lasting condition and shine, which will help to repel mud, dust and dirt, and cut down on grooming time.

Close lid firmly. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.

Silk extract, sunscreen, vitamin E, panthenol and natural fragrance. 

Concentrated knot and dreadlock detangler.

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