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Frog Power Cleanser


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This is a powerful antibacterial squirt. Its site-specific function gets right to the heart of the frog, killing bugs fast and preventing infection.

If your horse has thrush, this is the product for you. Keratex Frog Power Cleanser delivers a powerful little shot of disinfectant right where you need it with a specially designed squirty nozzle. We have combined science with nature for this great product, with the inclusion of tea tree oil for its natural antiseptic properties.

Keratex Frog Power Cleanser is great for smelly and/or black frogs, or frogs that need some attention during rainy spells, boggy field conditions or stabling for long periods. This powerful little disinfectant packs a real punch. Keratex Frog Power Cleanser eliminates the bugs in frogs which cause problems, with a soothing disinfecting action, and it prevents them from becoming over-saturated which is key in blocking the opportunity for bacteria and fungi to launch an attack.

The best part of using this great product is that it comes in a handy little bottle, however don’t be fooled – a little goes a long way with Keratex Frog Power Cleanser!

Keratex Frog Power Cleanser is allowed by the Jockey Club and the FEI.

A specially formulated disinfectant for problematic frogs. It's squirty nozzle and handy size makes it ideal to get to the heart of the problem, accessing tricky areas easily. The site-specific function will protect frogs and help them recover from infections such as thrush.

Product is hazardous for transportation over water.

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