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Gallop® Medicated Shampoo


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There are various skin conditions that can affect your horse. These range from rain scald, mud fever, cuts and scratches, sweet itch and general flaky, itchy or sensitive skin. It is important to identify the skin condition to allow for appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Skin diseases can be caused by:

  • Infectious agents – bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses
  • Allergies – to insect bites, dietary factors, drugs, environment
  • Abnormal reactions – to sunlight, physical and chemical agents
  • Hereditary factors
  • Neoplastic (cancerous) in origin

Gallop® Medicated Shampoo is an all year round shampoo to help control and soothe skin problems, and is a must for mud fever. With the antibacterial and antifungal properties of triclosan combined with the antiseptic properties of chlorhexidene gluconate, it is an excellent skin cleanser and wound rinse. The soothing and conditioning values of panthenol, aloe vera, jojoba, rosemary, tea tree, origanum and pomegranate leave noticeably softer hair and a shiny coat and also help to lift stubborn scabs.

Gallop® Medicated Shampoo is ideal for dry, scurfy, itchy, damaged or sensitive skin and can be applied directly to a wet coat or added to a bucket of water for a medicated rinse.

  • High specification, medicated shampoo with anti-bacterial agents. Ideal for dry, flaky, itchy, scurfy and sensitive skin
  • Softens and helps lift scabs and dandruff, facilitating removal from the coat
  • pH neutral formula is kind to skin; soothes and calms irritated, sore, damaged or sensitive skin
  • Provides exceptional conditioning, noticeably softer hair and a shiny coat

Chlorhexidine gluconate, triclosan, panthenol, aloe vera, jojoba, rosemary, tea tree, origanum and pomegranate. 

Deep cleaning, medicated shampoo with added coat conditioners.

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