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A familiar product designed to be easy to hold and use.

  • New comfort rubber grip fits perfectly into any size hand
  • New patent pending ergonomic and stylish design is easier to grip and use
  • Reinforced steel hook easily easily removes packed dirt and mud from hooves
  • Traditional design with modern features
  • Soft touch, anti-slip handle

A hoof pick is one of the most important elements in any grooming kit. Care of your horse’s feet is essential to their health and wellbeing and poor hoof care can result in varying degrees of soundness which can be painful for the horse and frustratingly expensive for the owner. 

The hoof pick is designed to remove mud, stones and debris which may have become compacted in the hoof. Once the hoof has been cleaned it allows the owner to keep an eye on what’s happening with the underside of the foot. Issues such as bruising, punctures and thrush can only be spotted when hoof is free of mud and stones. 

Wahl Hoof Pick features an easy to hold, soft grip, non-slip finish on the handle to allow the user better leverage when removing debris. The hook is made from reinforced steel for added strength and features a rounded tip to assist in removing compacted mud or snow. 

For best results use the hoof pick in a downward action from the heel to the toe, thus avoiding accidently catching the frog or the horse’s leg. 

Do not use the pick on the frog area, always work around it to avoid injury. Hooves should be picked out at least once a day, but many owners prefer to do it twice a day, especially if the horse has been working or in a field. 

To clean the Hoof Pick wash it regularly to remove mud and dirt and allow it to dry naturally before storing it away.

A familiar product designed to be easy to hold and use.

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