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To help maintain and balance hormonal function. Hormonise is also recommended for ‘moody mares‘, with moody and unsociable behaviour. Hormonise was voted Product Of The Year by a top magazine in the USA, particularly for its assistance for older animals to support and maintain normal, healthy, hormonal balance.

Cushings is a collection of clinical signs and symptoms that are the result of hormonal imbalances. Using Hormonise in conjunction with Pegasus Cushy-VX® is invaluable in maintaining the health of horses that have suffered with Cushing syndrome.
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Discover No Moody No® and/or Cushy-VX® for concentrated powerful supplements for moody mares and Cushing’s syndrome (PPID) and EMS.

Use up to 40 ml over feed for approximately three weeks, and rest for one week. Continue as necessary.

WeightLoading for 2 weeksMaintenance
<360 kg80 ml per day40 ml per day
360-520 kg100 ml per day60 ml per day
>520 kg100 ml per day80 ml per day

1 litre fed at 60 ml per day will last 16 days. 

Water, Vitex agnus-castus extract, propionic acid and acetic acid. 

Supports hormone imbalance and PMS in mares which causes unpredictable behaviour and irritability.

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