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Whenever a foal is expected, a bag of Horsepower Mare’s Milk Replacer should be available to safe guard against calamity. Containing more than 20 vitamins and minerals, it is full or partial replacement for mare’s milk and the essential standby for every breeder.

The essential standby for all horse breeders:

  • Complete first feed for orphan or rejected foals
  • Supplement mare’s milk if in short supply
  • Feed by bottle, bucket or ad lib system
  • Use our labour saving foal mini-suckler for trouble free rearing
  • Tried and trusted for over 30 years

A foal may require a full or partial replacement of its mother’s milk for a variety of reasons and without milk available the chances of the foal surviving are very small.

Horsepower Mare’s Milk Replacer has been specifically formulated to supply the full nutrient requirements of the young foal. Mare’s milk has a different composition to cow’s milk and achieving the correct balance of protein, oil and carbohydrate has been taken into account when formulating this product.

Horsepower Mare’s Milk Replacer and Horsepower Milk Pellets have been developed using modern technology in the field of milk processing combined with scientific expertise in the field of nutrition.

Horsepower Mare's Milk Replacer can be used for hand rearing, supplementary feeding or automatic machine feeding. Mixing rate: 160 g added to 1 litre water.

Hand rearing
If a foal is orphaned or the mare has no milk Horsepower Mare's Milk Replacer will provide all the nutrients the foal requires up to weaning.

Supplementary feeding
When a mare has insufficient milk, which can frequently happen at the start of lactation, Horsepower Mare's Milk Replacer should be fed as a milk supplement.

There is no need to waste any Horsepower Mare's Milk Replacer. If it is not fed as mixed milk, the powder should be used as a highly palatable protein/vitamin supplement. If sprinkled on to dry feed, it will encourage consumption, particularly as a foal approaches weaning. It is also a natural lead on to Horsepower Milk Pellets. Used in this way Horsepower Mare’s Milk Replacer powder can be offered at 125 g per day up to weaning and thereafter 500 g per day. 

Vitamin AIU/kg50,000
Vitamin D3IU/kg6,000
Vitamin EIU/kg120
Vitamin B1mg/kg5.5
Vitamin B2mg/kg20.0
Nicotinic acidmg/kg25.0
Pantothenic acidmg/kg40.0
Vitamin B6mg/kg4.5
Folic acidmg/kg0.3
Vitamin B12mcg/kg30.0
Ascorbic acidmg/kg160

The essential standby for all horse breeders.

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