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Immuforte Powder


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When the immune system becomes compromised, it is unable to effectively maintain good health, indications of this include poor condition, lethargy, low blood profiles or poor performance.

NAF Immuforte Powder provides a unique blend of nutrients to support the immune system, including echinacea (one of the best known herbal ingredients for supporting immunity) and yeast, essential for the health of the gut based immune system.

Immuforte Powder is also suitable for foals showing signs of stress, as it contains the active ingredients of the mother’s colostrum for immune support.

Designed to be fed alone as and when needed, or in combination with targeted supplements for a particular condition.

 g per day

Feed as concentrated short course when a compromised immune system most needs support.

To be fed as a 10 day course, unless otherwise directed. May be mixed with a little water and given via a syringe.

A 150 g tub fed at 15 g per day will last 10 days. 

Dried whey, dried brewers' yeast - saccharomyces spp, mint, MSM, cysteine, Echinacea purpurea

The ultimate immune support.

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