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LaminTec 5-HT is an innovative equine feed supplement quite different from other products which may supply a ‘missing nutrient’ or concentrate on the hooves. It is designed to help maintain the balance of key substances inside the horse’s body and therefore maintain a healthy circulation, including blood flow to the hoof and its capillary bed. LaminTec 5-HT won a BETA International 2010 Innovation Award (Feeds & Supplements category).

PED NutriTec research has shown that serotonin may be a key chemical in Cushing’s disease. This builds on earlier work by other researchers who have shown its involvement in vasoconstriction of blood vessels associated with the hoof. LaminTec 5-HT contains a standardised formulation (exactly the same from tub to tub) which assists healthy functioning of inflammatory systems, including platelet activating factor; serotonin is released into the blood stream by activated platelets.

Laminitis susceptibility: more important than the disease itself?

Anyone who has spent much time with horses becomes familiar with laminitis, changes in blood flow to the hooves which often result in intense pain and damage…and during the spring and autumn measures to prevent the disease are on the minds of many horse owners. The issue has been that there are many triggers for the disease and no accepted cause, making it difficult to prevent or solve. Laminitis stems from many events, but over-eating and metabolic problems, such as Cushing’s disease, are well known.

Key concerns for vets and horse owners:

  • Obesity in the horse and body imbalances brought about through over-eating (autumn flushes of grass and the change of nutrients and sugars in the grass)
  • Seasonal changes in the horse’s body which may make it more susceptible to developing laminitis, especially where the horse has an underlying metabolic condition, e.g. Cushing’s disease


Give one level 10 ml scoopful twice-a-day in the horse’s feed (ideally one scoop in the morning and one in the evening). A 10 ml scoop is included in the pack. Introduce gradually if feeding for the first time as with any dietary change.

Should not be fed to pregnant or lactating mares or animals under 3 years old

Soya flour, ground aniseed, ground feverfew (source of parthenolide).

The natural answer to laminitis.

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