Laser Sheen Dazzling Shine & Detangler

Laser Sheen Dazzling Shine & Detangler


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Laser Sheen has a unique non-oily formula which was developed to put the finest gloss possible on horses’ coats. Laser Sheen detangles manes and tails quickly – and keeps them tangle free! Produces a lustrous, healthy coat that shines like a winner! Silicone formula repels dust and dirt and prevents stains from grass, urine, manure and latigo. 

After one treatment of Laser Sheen, your horse stays clean and shiny for up to a full week! Cuts grooming time in half.

  • A convenient 946 ml spray-on coat polish and detangler
  • Show-stopping, high gloss formula produces a radiant shine
  • Detangles manes and tails, leaving them shinier and more manageable
  • Won’t dry out or damage hair, minimises breakage
  • Repels dust, dirt and stains to cut grooming time in half
  • One application bestows a show ring shine that lasts a week

Premium hair polish that highlights your horse's coat to emphasize & define. Contains aloe gel for soft, shiny & manageable mane & tails Never oily or sticky. Repels dust & dirt. Prevents stains from grass, urine, manure Apply anywhere, anytime. In a plastic bottle with trigger sprayer Gives the shine of a champion

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