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  • A day-to-day calming supplement
  • Containing optimum levels of magnesium and l-tryptophan
  • Blended with a unique combination of calming herbs
  • Designed exclusively for Maxavita by veterinary professionals

Owning a nervous and anxious horse can bring lots of surprises, whether you are riding down a quiet country lane, a prestige dressage test or even just working with your horse in his stable. Horses suffer from stress like many humans, where as we can talk about our problems, horses seem to get tense and worked up, especially in new surroundings like competitions. Adding a calming supplement to your horses diet can help to keep him relaxed, cool and collected in every situation you may face.

Maxavita MaxaCalm has been designed with herbal ingredients that are commonly used for not only horses but also human aromatherapy and therapeutic uses. This blend should allow your horse to relax and focus Maxavita MaxaCalm offers a natural calming solution for excitable and nervous horses. With a relaxing herbal blend to calm nerves and a unique green lipped mussel extract to soothe tense muscles, Maxavita MaxaCalm helps your horse to cope with challenging situations. Containing a perfect balance of magnesium, l-tryptophan and GLM combined with specially selected calming herbs for horses, Maxavita MaxaCalm gives you a controlled and confident horse.

Easy feed, 1 scoop a day! 

Veterinary approved relaxing herbal blend for excitable and nervous horses.

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