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Fast effective therapy for mud fever. Scientifically proven to kill bacteria responsible for mud fever. Contains Metalosan 47, – a breakthrough in wound management. Use in conjunction with the Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder is a powerful, fast-acting treatment for mud fever – a painful condition that affects hundreds of horses and ponies when conditions are wet and muddy.

The water-repellent, anti-bacterial powder forms an effective two-part treatment and protection package alongside Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream.

  • Scientifically proven to kill bacteria responsible for mud fever
  • Contains Metalosan 47, – a breakthrough in wound management
  • Use the powder during the initial painful stages – no need to touch the wound
  • Use the cream when the severity of the condition has eased
  • An improvement will be seen in days – as if by MAGIC!
  • No other product offers such effectiveness and ease of application

Mud fever is a serious skin ailment affecting the lower limbs of horses and ponies causing painful infected sores and scabs which in severe cases can result in lameness.

A main cause of mud fever is a type of bacteria found in mud called Dermatophilus congolensis. This microbe infects the horse through the skin of its lower legs, mainly the fetlock area. Treatment for mud fever has historically been time-consuming and difficult. The infection can prove stubborn and healing can be slow.

Tests have shown that the Muddy Buddy Mud Kure products can kill the bacteria that causes mud fever and quickly relieve the pain and discomfort of the infection.

When sores and scabs caused by mud fever have made a horse’s leg too sore to be touched, the powder can be puffed gently on to the wounds without the affected area needing to be handled. When the swelling subsides, usually in a few days, the cream can then be applied. The two products work best in association with each other.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Mud Kure products contain Metalosan 47 – a breakthrough ingredient in wound management – as well as chitosan. They also harness the well-known anti-bacterial power of silver.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder can be applied to the legs of horses and ponies which have to deal with prolonged wet and muddy conditions and will also provide protection against bacteria.

The Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure therapy package was trialled extensively on horses with severe and stubborn cases of mud fever and the results have led to these breakthrough products being made commercially available following five years of investigation by researchers from the University of Lincoln into anti-bacterial treatments for mud fever in horses.

Fast effective therapy for mud fever.

The onset of prolonged wet weather means that mud fever will be bringing misery to many horses and their owners.

When the ground is muddy, conditions are ripe for outbreaks of mud fever in horses and ponies who spend a lot of time out of doors. It is most common over the winter months.

Mud fever can be a serious and painful skin infection - chiefly affecting the lower legs. Back legs are more likely to be affected than front legs.

It is mainly caused by a microbe found in mud which causes infection bringing about sores and scabs which make it difficult for horses to lie down and walk and can cause lameness in severe cases. Although the lower legs are the main place that the infection strikes, it can spread further up the legs too.

There are a number of causes and types of infection that are classed as mud fever in horses. The impact of the condition on a horse can range from a mild skin irritation to hugely painful, infected sores.

Inflammation of the skin and the tissues underneath it at the back of the pastern and heels can lead to skin swelling, and stretching to the point of splitting allowing infection to develop. Crusty scabs often result. These scabs can ooze a discharge causing matting to leg hair. In some cases hair will fall out. In the most serious cases, the scabs can develop into horizontal splits at the back of the pastern. These are often referred to as cracked heels. When infection enters these splits the result can be very hot, painful, swollen limbs and lameness is often a result.

Horses with white hair on the legs and shaggy coats around the lower legs seem to be genetically predisposed to suffer from mud fever more than the average horse.

Treatment has for many years been a long and frustrating process. It is necessary to identify the cause of any infection, and while the bacterium Dermatophilus congolensis is the most likely cause other infections (like ringworm) can damage the skin initially and allow secondary infections to flourish.

It can take many weeks for the damaged skin to heal and for the infection to be eradicated - but two products sold by Pegasus Health have been found by many owners to bring about huge relief to their horses with mud fever.

Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure came about through diligent work by researchers from the University of Lincoln. They believe the product can kill the microbe which is the most common cause of mud fever in horses and bring quick relief and fast healing.

Pegasus Health supplies the product in two forms - a powder and a cream which work well together.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder can be puffed on to sores on the legs without physical contact. This is ideal in severe cases where the horse’s legs are too sensitive and painful to be touched. 

As the condition improves, the second version of the product - Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream - can be applied.

Five years of research by the university staff and students into topical, anti-microbial treatments for mud fever led to the new formulation and nationwide tests on horses with severe and stubborn cases of the disease were successful.

Frank Ruedisueli - programme leader and senior lecturer in Bio-veterinary Sciences at Lincoln University - has been quoted in Veterinary Record, the Journal of the British Veterinary Association, saying: “We are very excited that our research has led to this product being made available which could ease the suffering of many horses.”

The University’s research was adapted and manufactured as Lincoln Muddy Buddy Mud Kure by Lincoln company Battle, Hayward and Bower.

EQUILIBRIUM Equi-Chaps® Close Contact Chaps are another useful product as they physically protect your horse or pony’s legs, keeping them clean, warm, dry and free from mud. This makes them a practical and effective way of preventing mud fever in horses.

They are designed to fit snugly like a second skin, so choosing the right size is vital. On the Pegasus Health product page you can find lots of useful information about getting the sizing right when your order yours.

They can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time without risk of rubbing and they are easy to wash and quick to dry again afterwards. 

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