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When a quick response is required Hilton Herbs MultiFlex Gold – a horse supplement containing top quality plant tinctures – is just what’s needed. Designed to maintain and support optimum mobility in horses and ponies of all ages, the herbs in this mix include devils claw and meadowsweet which in clinical research have been shown to help maintain and support horses joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and circulation throughout the body, legs and laminae.

Some owners consider using Hilton Herbs Releaf Gold occasionally alongside if required.

1:3 tinctures of devil's claw root, hawthorn berries, meadowsweet herb, milk thistle seed, nettle leaf, cleaver herb, celery seed, dandelion root, apple cider vinegar. 

To help maintain and support horses joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and circulation throughout the body, legs and laminae.

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