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A totally unique antioxidant complex to support equine health when compromised by toxin overload.

Excess free radical toxins will accumulate within the system whenever the horse experiences any kind of trauma, be it from a kick, a skin reaction, poor hoof health, compromised lung function or any other kind of assault or trauma on his health. This toxin overload will have a negative effect and, unless efficiently flushed away from the area, will further exacerbate the situation.

NAF D-Tox contains a unique complex of scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidants to harmlessly flush out excess toxins and restore the horse’s natural equilibrium.

D-Tox may be used in a short, concentrated course where history or signs dictate. Fed at a lower maintenance level, NAF D-Tox can be particularly helpful to the health of the performance horse, as hard work and regular travel will result in a build up of toxins within the system.

D-Tox may be used alone, or fed in combination with specifically targeted NAF horse supplements to suit the individual requirements of each horse.

 g per day
Horses and poniesMaintenance9

Following any acute stress to the system, or when signs such as filled legs or lethargy dictate.

During acute periods feed loading rate of 27 g per day for 15 days, thereafter feed at maintenance rate.

A 500 g tub fed at 9 g per day will last 55 days. 

Products of seeds and fruit, aromatic and appetising herbs, products of tubers and roots, Saccharomyces cerivisea, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D. 

Supplement to support equine health when compromised by toxin overload.

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