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For the maintenance of an efficient immune system. A liquid formula rich in echinaceaAstragalus (rich in flavonoids) and Uncaria (a source of alkaloids), both potent antioxidants. Suitable for horses whose immune system is under pressure.

Designed to:

  • Support a compromised immune system
  • Provide valuable nutritional support to hard working horses

All horses sometimes need a little extra help, particularly those working hard, traveling regularly or facing a particular challenge. Echinacea is perhaps the best known herb for suppport of the immune system. Research shows that echinacea also supports the health of red blood cells, essential for competition horses.

NAF Echinacea Liquid provides the ideal day-to-day support of the immune system. For optimum, concentrated immune support see NAF Immuforte Powder.

Feed whenever a stressed immune system is evident, or to maintain the general health of hard working horses. If the problem persists consult your veterinary surgeon.

  ml per day
Horses and poniesLoading (7-10 days)40-60

Maintenance levels may be adjusted to suit the individual and are not necessarily related to bodyweight.

1 litre fed at 30 ml per day will last 33 days. 

Herbal tinctures, water

Additivesml per litre
Astragalus tincture100-300
Echinacea tincture100-300

For the maintenance of an efficient immune system.

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