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NAF EnerG Shot is a concentrated nutritional blend of essential amino acids and bio-available iron to support energy metabolism and red blood cell production. It comes in an easy to administer syringe, making it easy to feed when most needed. 

EnerG Shot contains a unique, scientifically advanced formulation that provides a combination of amino acids including the first limiting amino acid, lysine. These are key to energy and performance, in that they are utilised for energy, particularly in the muscles, during exercise. While supporting the increased need for energy at times of peak performance, EnerG Shot also fulfils the requirement for increased levels of iron needed for healthy red blood cell production, maintaining performance and focus. EnerG Shot is designed for use when needed, so is ideal for competition or training. For daily support of optimum energy metabolism in working horses feed liquid NAF EnerG.

Supplement prior to any peak performance requirement for optimum energy.

Horses and ponies feed 1 syringe on an empty stomach, 1.5-2 hrs before competition (0.5 syringe for small ponies). Do not exceed recommended level.

1 x syringe contains 293 mg of iron. 

Supports energy metabolism, red blood cell production and to help replace sweat losses.

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