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This iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid formula is designed to help improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete.

The sports horse demands more of his body to perform to his full potential. As his performance increases so too does his requirement for specific nutrients. It’s well known that essential salts are lost through sweat. However, not only are electrolytes lost, so too is iron. 

Iron is vital for the health and performance of the sports horse. Low iron levels become evident, initially through lethargy and a lowering in performance, leading to possible anaemia if not addressed. 

This is where NAF EnerG becomes so valuable. Not only rich in iron, NAF EnerG also contains the correct balance of copper and zinc, both important supporting nutrients required by the horse to maximise the benefits of supplementary iron, thus optimizing energy metabolism. EnerG contains higher levels of iron, copper and zinc than other similar products, together with an unrivaled spectrum of vitamin B complexes, which greatly contribute to the health and efficiency of red blood cells and energy metabolism. 

NAF EnerG also contains vitamin C, for its antioxidant qualities, together with vitamin K to support the benefits of vitamin C. Impotantly, NAF EnerG is a carefully targeted product that simply provides the nutrients necessary to support blood profiles and energy metabolism. Therefore it will safely fit in with your horses existing feed and management regime without running the risk of doubling up on nutrients already adequately provided for in the diet. And finally, NAF EnerG comes with a great peppermint taste. So, for palatability there’s no contest!

  ml per day
HorsesHard work60
PoniesHard work45

Feed at maintenance to competing or working horses to support energy utilisation and performance. Ideal tonic following any challenge resulting in poor blood profiles and lethargy.

To be given in feed. The condition of the horse should be evaluated after feeding for a minimum of 10 days.

2 litres fed at 30 ml per day will last approximately 66 days. 

Water, maize starch (pre-gelatinised), acetic acid (5%), iron sulphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, sodium acetate, colour (red), niacinamide, vitamin B6, flavour (peppermint), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium pantothenate, folic acid precursor (paraaminobenzoic acid), folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin B12

Helps improve the performance of the hardworking equine athlete.

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