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A unique natural formula, M Power is rich in amino acids – which, as the building blocks of protein, are vitally important for healthy muscle tissue growth – and naturally sourced anti-oxidants which work together with select herbal ingredients to ensure smooth, healthy muscle function. These primary ingredients are supported by the necessary vitamins and trace elements needed for performance, plus targeted nutrients, including yeast, to optimise the digestive process, enabling efficient utilisation of key muscle building ingredients.

NAF M Power:

  • Leading edge nutritional formula to support the natural, healthy development of muscle
  • A popular choice amongst European competition riders who have seen and experienced the benefits of this supplement
  • Designed to naturally support muscle development in young, growing horses, or any horse following time off work or showing signs of muscle wastage
  • Fed as part of the daily diet, NAF M Power will help maintain optimum muscle strength, power and stamina in fit competition horses

M Power has been trialled on all ages of equine athlete, from underdeveloped, green youngsters to top international competition horses. All feedback has been extremely positive.

  g per day scoops per day
Horses 30 3
Ponies 20 2

Add to daily feed ration. Feed for a minimum period of four weeks before re-assessing muscle health and condition.

Feed as part of a regular training regime to support healthy muscle power, function and help develop fitness and stamina. Recommended for performance, working and young horses, and to optimise muscle integrity when returning to work.

A 900 g tub fed at 30 g per day will last 30 days. 

Brewers’ yeast, schisandra berries, turmeric, potato protein, glutamine, orange peel (ripe), white mineral oil, rosehip shells, dandelion leaves, milk thistle seeds, rosemary, gingko leaves, bilberries, ginger, dicalcium phosphate, liquorice, fructo-oligosaccharides, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, wheat protein. 

To support healthy muscle power, function and help develop fitness and stamina.

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