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Developed by veterinarian scientists, with the help and support of farriers NAF Five Star PROFEET Powder offers the most concentrated fast acting nutritional support for quality hoof growth and protection against cracked brittle hooves.

Biotin has long been recognised as key to nutritional support of hooves. The amount fed is important, research shows that 24 mg per day is effective for most horses. This said, over supplementing may be wasteful, with trials using as much as double these levels showing no further benefit.

No single nutrient works alone and this is certainly true for biotin. NAF Five Star PROFEET Powder provides the recommended levels of biotin in combination with other key nutrients for hooves such as methionine, bio-available sulphur, zinc and complex vitamins and minerals.

Uniqely, NAF Five Star PROFEET Powder also provides our scientifically verified, naturally sourced antioxidant complex to support hoof and coat health by providing holistic support of the entire system. As the largest organ in the body, the dermis (skin and hooves) often reflects general health; poor hooves and coat may be indicative of a generally stressed system. NAF Five Star PROFEET Powder supports the health of the liver by flushing away excess toxin overload; this helps clear the horse’s system which will be reflected in a shiny coat and strong, healthy hooves.

Hooves can be prone to environmental stresses; from wet muddy fields to absorbant, drying bedding. To combat the effect of these we recommend the use of PROFEET applications; see Rock HardHoof Moist and Hoof Dressing.

  g per day
Horses>600 kg44
 400-600 kg33
Ponies 22

Feed on recommendation from your farrier or when compromised hoof health is evident.

A 1.3 kg tub fed at 33 g per day will last 39 days. 

Wheatfeed, products of tubers and roots, products of fruit production, MSM, lysine, zinc sulphate, vitamin C, methionine, manganese sulphate, vitamin B6, biotin, calcium pantothenate. 

Fast-acting nutritional support for quality hoof growth and protection against cracked brittle hooves.

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