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If your horse is prone to weight gain or he carries too much condition its likely you restrict his diet and grazing. Now, with new NAF Slim, you no longer have to compromise on his important nutritional needs. Formulated especially for horses and ponies who struggle to keep weight off, NAF Slim is designed to make up the shortfalls of a restricted diet, and more. NAF recommend that NAF Slim is fed as part of a ‘calorie controlled diet’ combined with a correct management and exercise regime.

Excessive weight can lead to a number of health issues, not only the well known risk of weight related conditions, but also joint, hoof and respiratory disorders, poor performance and even disruption of a mare’s seasons.

To balance the diet
Overweight animals are likely to be kept on restricted grazing with little hard feed. Although necessary, this can lead to a vitamin and mineral deficiency. NAF Slim provides a broad spectrum of micronutrients to balance the diet using natural ingredients including sunflower seeds, blueberries and rosehips. Slimline provides all a restricted diet needs for health and vitality.

To support a healthy weight
NAF Slim provides a unique combination of nutrients to support a healthy weight. Magnesium has many roles within the body, one of which is to optimise matabolic pathways. Supplementing with the right form of magnesium at the right level (as found in NAF Slim) is recommended for overweight horses, particularly where cresty necks and fat pads are noticeable. Slimline also provides specific herbal ingredients to support a healthy weight.

Slimline must be fed as part of a calorie controlled diet. We recommend a high fibre, low cereal diet, with limited turnout to good grazing. A suitable exercise regime should also be part of the animal’s management.

g per day
Horses >600 kg 62
400-600 kg 50
Ponies 25-50

To all good do-ers; when restricted grazing may mean restricted diet; when excessive weight is a concern. Not recommended for pregnant mares. Introduce gradually to fussy feeders.

A 3 kg tub fed at 50 g per day will last 60 days.

Fucus vesiculosus, Helianthus annuus, Rosa canina, Citrus sinensis, Daucus carota, Ribes nigrum, calcined magnesite, Mentha piperita, Curcuma longa.

Supplement for the support of healthy weight loss.

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