Nail Hole Damage Repair

Nail Hole Damage Repair


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Previously Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant:

Open nail holes in hoof horn can be a powerful source of white line infection. We have found that squirting this powerful disinfectant into nail holes is an effective way of beating bacteria and preventing white line disease. The formula also acts on the inside wall of the hole, hardening it so that further splits and cracks can be prevented.

Nail holes – both old nail holes and existing ones – can creat problems by allowing infection to track up into the hoof, or by cracking and ‘laddering’ up or across the hoof. Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair will harden up and disinfect both inside and out of nail holes while maintaining that all-important flexibility. Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is a very effective product for year-round maintenance.

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is a great item for your grooming kit. Using the specially designed precision nozzle, simply squirt the liquid into old or gappy nail holes to flush them with this instant disinfectant. Once you have flooded the nail holes, the liquid gets to work, flushing the holes with disinfectant, banishing germs and hardening both the interior and the point where the nail entered the hoof, ensuring that existing damage, gaps or rips will not develop further and will not ‘ladder’ up or across the hoof. Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is also great for problems that arise from white line disease and seedy toe as the extra powerful disinfectant flush action is very effective on the anaerobic bacteria that cause these infections.

Effective in beating bacteria and preventing white line disease.

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